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There is a list of medications containing "Lansoprazole" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of products Lists of Lansoprazole medications The last trade name of products
24 Hour Heartburn Relief 24 Hour Heartburn Relief - Amarin Amarin
ANS Acid ANS Acid - Avancid Avancid
Bamalite Bamalite - Caprazol Caprazol
CareOne Lansoprazole CareOne Lansoprazole - Digest Digest
Dizmopraz Dizmopraz - Equate Lansoprazole Equate Lansoprazole
Ermes Ermes - Franso Franso
Fudermex Fudermex - Gastropral Gastropral
Gastrovex Gastrovex - Holdacid Holdacid
Hyperital Hyperital - Keval Keval
Kirkland Signature Lansoprazole Kirkland Signature Lansoprazole - Lan Lan
Lanacid Lanacid - Lancor Lancor
Lancron Lancron - Lanobax Lanobax
Lanodizol Lanodizol - Lanprol Lanprol
Lanprosh Lanprosh - Lanser Lanser
Lanset Lanset - Lansocid Lansocid
Lans-OD Lans-OD - Lansole Lansole
Lansolidix Lansolidix - Lansopep Lansopep
Lansopon Lansopon - Lansoprazol (Aliud Pharma) Lansoprazol (Aliud Pharma)
Lansoprazol (Alpharma) Lansoprazol (Alpharma) - Lansoprazol (Biogen Laboratorios) Lansoprazol (Biogen Laboratorios)
Lansoprazol (Bluepharma Industria Farmaceutical) Lansoprazol (Bluepharma Industria Farmaceutical) - Lansoprazol (Danapha Pharmaceutical) Lansoprazol (Danapha Pharmaceutical)
Lansoprazol (Davur Laboratorios) Lansoprazol (Davur Laboratorios) - Lansoprazol (Generis Farmaceutica) Lansoprazol (Generis Farmaceutica)
Lansoprazol (Genven Laboratorios) Lansoprazol (Genven Laboratorios) - Lansoprazol (IPS) Lansoprazol (IPS)
Lansoprazol (Jimcorp) Lansoprazol (Jimcorp) - Lansoprazol (Marfan Laboratorio) Lansoprazol (Marfan Laboratorio)
Lansoprazol (McDermott Laboratories) Lansoprazol (McDermott Laboratories) - Lansoprazol (Nifa Medicamentos Genericos) Lansoprazol (Nifa Medicamentos Genericos)
Lansoprazol (Normon Laboratorios) Lansoprazol (Normon Laboratorios) - Lansoprazol (Qualigen) Lansoprazol (Qualigen)
Lansoprazol (Qualitec Farma Europe) Lansoprazol (Qualitec Farma Europe) - Lansoprazol (Spefar Venezolanos Laboratorios) Lansoprazol (Spefar Venezolanos Laboratorios)
Lansoprazol (Stada) Lansoprazol (Stada) - Lansoprazol (Winthrop Pharmaceuticals) Lansoprazol (Winthrop Pharmaceuticals)
Lansoprazol (Yu Chun) Lansoprazol (Yu Chun) - Lansoprazol Flas Lansoprazol Flas
Lansoprazol Gastroliber Lansoprazol Gastroliber - Lansoprazole (American Health Packaging) Lansoprazole (American Health Packaging)
Lansoprazole (ANI Pharmaceuticals) Lansoprazole (ANI Pharmaceuticals) - Lansoprazole (Cristers) Lansoprazole (Cristers)
Lansoprazole (Cyper Drugs & Pharmaceuticals) Lansoprazole (Cyper Drugs & Pharmaceuticals) - Lansoprazole (HanAll BioPharma) Lansoprazole (HanAll BioPharma)
Lansoprazole (Hanbul Pharm) Lansoprazole (Hanbul Pharm) - Lansoprazole (Medisa Shinyaku) Lansoprazole (Medisa Shinyaku)
Lansoprazole (Mepha) Lansoprazole (Mepha) - Lansoprazole (Qualimed Pharma) Lansoprazole (Qualimed Pharma)
Lansoprazole (Ratiopharm) Lansoprazole (Ratiopharm) - Lansoprazole (Stada) Lansoprazole (Stada)
Lansoprazole (Sun Pharmaceutical Industries) Lansoprazole (Sun Pharmaceutical Industries) - Lansoprazole (Zydus Pharmaceuticals) Lansoprazole (Zydus Pharmaceuticals)
Lansoprazole Amel Lansoprazole Amel - Lansoprazolo (Pensa Pharma) Lansoprazolo (Pensa Pharma)
Lansoprazolo (Ratiopharm) Lansoprazolo (Ratiopharm) - Lansoral Lansoral
Lansorex Lansorex - Lansozol Lansozol
Lanso-Zol Lanso-Zol - Lanton Lanton
Lantrea Lantrea - Lanzep Lanzep
Lanziop Lanziop - Lanzol (Ache Laboratorios Farmaceuticos) Lanzol (Ache Laboratorios Farmaceuticos)
Lanzol (Digital Vision) Lanzol (Digital Vision) - Lanzopral-ER Lanzopral-ER
Lanzopran Lanzopran - Lapilori Lapilori
Lapol Lapol - Lasobix Lasobix
Lasopran Lasopran - Leed Leed
Legend Legend - Lezol Lezol
Limpidex Limpidex - Lopral Lopral
Lopure Lopure - Mavilan Mavilan
Medamarin Medamarin - Nexole Nexole
Nixacid Nixacid - Olan Olan
Opagis Opagis - Peptinal Peptinal
Pepzol Pepzol - Prevacid SRC Prevacid SRC
Previd Previd - Protofix-DT Protofix-DT
Protolan Protolan - Rapilasole Rapilasole
Rarpezol Rarpezol - Sancid Sancid
Sanlap Sanlap - Sopra Sopra
Sopralan Sopralan - Tanzole Tanzole
Taquidine Taquidine - Unimet Unimet
Up and Up Lansoprazole Up and Up Lansoprazole - Zerocid Zerocid
Zeton Zeton - Zotril Zotril

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